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So, you’re interested in the Disney Movie Club and would like to know if it’s worth it; Is it a great deal or are the alternatives better, including Disney Plus?

I’ve been a member for years and have retained my VIP membership for some time to take advantage of the occasional sale and free shipping offer. And I’d say if you’re upgrading your collection from VHS or DVD that it’s a great deal. But if you’re just casually looking to purchase Star Wars, Marvel or Disney titles that the alternatives might be better for you in the long run.

So, let’s start off with the agreement Canadians make with the company.

Currently, Canadians get four movies for $1 in their first shipment so you’ve got to already have four titles in mind to take advantage of the offer. And to have those four movies at that price, you’re committed to purchasing five additional movies at regular price over the next two years, plus shipping and handling on those movies.

Regular price on blu-rays starts at $19.95 but newer releases are generally $31.95. And the shipping and handling rates per shipment are $4.95 (+tax) for the first selection and $2.95 (+tax) for each subsequent selection so you would be paying approximately $11.10 to $17.75 (+s&h and tax) per blu-ray if you took advantage of the current offer and fulfilled your agreement with the club.

New 4k selections are $36.95 (+s&h and tax) at the club so you might be paying up to an average of approximately $20.53 (+s&h and tax) per 4k selection, obtaining a total of 9 selections by your fulfillment.

A great deal if you’re upgrading. But you should note that there are better offers out there for this club.

Occasionally they offer 5 movie selections for $1 and further discount your first and second purchases with the initial order, extending the time one needs to purchase regularly priced selections from two to three years.

This offer is found in print, in magazine inserts and adverts, and occasionally in mailings and via banners at certain websites (like disney.go.com) and I recommend you try to find one of these for their promo codes because these reduce the average price of individual selections.

I rejoined after receiving an offer by mail because I was a former member, and also took advantage of free shipping offers during membership to save more. But you should note that there are issues that one can encounter during membership.

First of all, there are delays when it comes to new releases.

Yes, you can pre-order some of them but you could wait for a month or two after its release on Amazon or on streaming to get it, so this club isn’t for you if you like to rush out and but films as soon as they’re released.

Second, you’ve got to respond to their mailings or you will have selections sent to you automatically and have these shipments charged to your credit card, by default.

They send a minimum of 13 catalogues out to their members a year and you’ve got to respond to them as soon as possible, via their web site or toll-free number. And unfortunately, they no longer have a negative response program so if you forget, you get to pay the shipping to send it back.

Shipping it back can get quite costly if you don’t have bubble envelopes and can take advantage of the low costs associated with letter mail. And if you forget often you lose most of the savings you have with membership.

I personally would like the negative response program to be offered to those who have fulfilled their requirements and are VIP members. But they don’t appear to be interested in that suggestion.

Third, when selections are sent to you they don’t come in bubble wrapped envelopes but tight cardboard packages that can be damaged.

The vast majority of the blu-rays I’ve received were fine but I did get a damaged case or two and have been forced to order multiple cases from Amazon to replace them.

That is cheaper than sending the case back to Disney, who should consider selling replacements themselves.

I’d prefer paying them instead if a five-pack was under $10, shipping and handling included (I think I’ll email this suggestion over as soon as I’m finished writing this entry). But gone are the days where one can just pick up blank cases from one’s local video or department store, many of the later having stopped selling blu-ray and blu-ray accessories.

Some dollar stores have them, as do some smaller department stores (like Giant Tiger, Hart, Rossy). But these are usually of cheap quality.

That said, there are also advantages to membership, namely the exclusive releases and memorabilia.

They offer Disney, Marvel and Star Wars boxed sets with extras and other branded official merchandise. And some of them count as two purchases towards your membership agreement, which reduces the aforementioned average per selection prices further.

Collectors would probably love those but casual watchers with dependable high-speed internet access would probably prefer subscribing to Disney+ at $8.99 per month, which may be more convenient to some.

Many of the Disney Movie Club’s releases include digital codes so most of my collection is already online and available for streaming. But if I was upgrading from DVD today, I’d probably go with Disney+, whose catalogue is still expanding.

I’m now waiting for more of Disney’s classic cartoons to be added before subscribing, having received an email from the Disney Movie Club stating that there are no current plans to add the Walt Disney Treasures collections to their catalogue (from which I collected the Donald Duck collections but wanted the Goofy and Pluto sets).

Overall, I have very few complaints about the Disney Movie Club, whose service has been pretty consistent. But it is a two or three-year commitment that you should try to fulfill as quickly as possible, which is made easier with pre-planning.

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