First of all, a disclaimer; This blog is affiliated to Amazon but I have not been asked by them to review this service.

That said, Amazon Cash is a service that was announced in June 2018 that allows people to add funds to their Amazon gift card account at a participating retailer by using cash or debit, instead of using a credit card online.

This can be quite useful for students and people who don’t have credit cards. And yesterday I decided to try it out, to take advantage of the offer I had mentioned on this blog two days back so I printed a bar code from the site and went to the nearest participating retailer to load money into my account.

The procedure is relatively easy – They scan your bar code from your printout or app (or punch in your phone number), you give them the amount you want to add to your accounts and they give you a receipt. But unfortunately, you may encounter cashiers and staff at these participating retailers that are unaware that their store offers this service.

My local Circle K convenience store was listed as a participant on the web site but the staff member there had no idea what I was talking about. And when I found someone that knew how to add funds to my account, miles away at a Canada Post Outlet, he told me that very few people use the service there and that he just learned how to handle Amazon Cash deposits a few days back.

I suspect this payment method is likely more popular near colleges and universities, some of which have shops and bookstores that are listed as participating retailers. And in areas with heavy pedestrian traffic.

I guess I could have called ahead to make sure the convenience store staff knew how to add funds to my account. But shouldn’t they know how to do it by now, two years after it had been activated? Or have some of the smaller retailers stopped participating?

I may still consider using it in the future at the Canada Post outlets and participating wireless stores, who are more likely to have a handle on this, regardless of the spotty coverage.

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