Rockin The Field of Minnedosa

Lots of Canadian bands so I thought i’d bump this event. Click here for details.

Greyhound Canada Is Gone

Greyhound Canada is halting all of their operations today, eight years short of their 100th anniversary.

Tourists and concert-goers will now need to use alternative modes of traffic within Canada but will still be able to use Greyhound USA’s services for the following routes when the border opens:

Toronto to New York – Toronto to Buffalo – Montreal to New York – Montreal to Boston – Vancouver to Seattle

Other carriers are expecting to step up for the popular routes and Via Rail is available to some.

Music Industry – Spring Stall Expected

The year started off with a fire that threatens the production of vinyl records worldwide. And now meet and greets, fan gatherings, record conventions and concerts in Canada and the United States may be cancelled or delayed because of concerns over the COVID-19 virus.

Events that were scheduled for this spring have already been pushed back, including several tours, sports championships and film releases. But some events, like the upcoming Record Store Day events in Canada on April 18th, 2020 and Ottawa Bluesfest appear to be on schedule, as are most of the summer music festivals throughout Canada.

If you were planning on attending an event that was scheduled in the spring and summer of 2020 you should probably keep an eye out for updates on their official site and social media accounts.

Specific precautions may be taken at certain upcoming events and trip cancellation insurance is now recommended if you are travelling to an event, with clarification from your provider in regards to coverage in case an event is cancelled due to the COVID-19 virus.

UPDATE: The Juno Awards have been cancelled.

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Ontario Scalping Law on Hold

The current Ontario provincial government has placed the Ticket Sales Act on hold, pending review.

This new law would have been active on Canada Day and would have regulated the resale of tickets in the province of Ontario, as described by this October 6th, 2017 blog entry.

Anti-Scalping Legislation Introduced

New legislation was introduced to the Ontario Parliament yesterday to prohibit the use of ticket bots, software that enables the mass purchase of concert and event tickets.

Schedule 3 of Bill 166, a.k.a the Strengthening Protection for Ontario Consumers Act, will enact the Ticket Sales Act, which will replace the Ticket Speculation Act and essentially cause automated ticket purchasing software to become illegal for events in the province of Ontario.

Also included in the Ticket Sales Act are provisions capping the resale price of tickets at 50 percent above face value, regulations in regards to transparency (mandatory disclosures of the identity of the seller, number of tickets in the seller’s possession, and original ticket price) and regulations in regards to mandatory residency and/or incorporation in the province of Ontario for ticket sellers.

Click here to read the proposed legislation, in full.

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Ontario Wants Help To Curtail Ticket Bots

The provincial government of Ontario is now consulting the public in regards to ticket bots.

“Ticket bots” enable companies and individuals to purchase large numbers of tickets to popular events almost instantaneously, requiring many regular consumers to pay significant more to see their favourite team, musical act or theatrical performance, as seen on CBC’s Marketplace.

A survey can be found by clicking here until March 15th, 2017.