Disney Day Offer Ends Tonight

New and eligible Disney+ subscribers have until 11:59pm Pacific today to subscribe to Disney+ for $1.99 for one month, $11.99/month afterwards.

I’m not being paid to promote this offer but I thought some of you might want to have it over the holiday season, for it’s content, which would include another Home Alone sequel, that I enjoyed last night.

Home Sweet Home Alone isn’t as epic as the first two films but it’s cute and features Archie Yates, the adorable scene stealer from Jojo Rabbit, which is also available on the service. And i’d say this Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell scripted comedy is comparable to Home Alone 3, which took quite an undeserved lashing on Rotten Tomatoes.

Yes, the fourth Home Alone film was boring and deserved to be a television release, but I liked Home Alone 3 as much as this new film, which doesn’t appear have a faired better with some purists on Rotten Tomatoes either.

It’ll appeal to kids and might be worth the $1.99 for parents. But I guess it’s “same old – same old” for some, which is fine. There is other content to watch on Disney+, although they haven’t yet added most the classic cartoons from the 40s and 50s I expected them to add by now, some of which I had purchased on DVD when the Walt Disney Treasures boxed sets were in print.

There are plenty of other classic films on the service to make a subscription worthwhile though, not like that awful Paramount+. I’ll get to that later.

Special Disney+ Offer

Amazon Music Unlimited is offering free subscriptions to Disney+.

New Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers are offered six months of Disney+ for free whilst current and former Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers will be offered three months for free.

This offer is available to Canadians and Americans until the end of July. And Prime Members will also get a $2 discount on their subscription. But people who are currently subscribed to Disney+ cannot take advantage of this offer.

Trying Disney + Again

I’ve decided to try Disney + again, mainly to binge watch The Mandalorian and to see how they’ve improved in regards to the Classic cartoon shorts.

They’ve added a few of the latter but it appears they are taking their time up converting their most popular shorts to HD, unless i’ve missed a menu option; I’m still going through what’s available on the site.

A significant amount of content will be added to the service in February 2021, from Disney TV, 20th Century Fox and the FX Channel. But unfortunately the monthly subscription fee will go up to $11.99 so i’d advise new users to use the Air Miles Shops offer before December 31st, 2020. They get a bonus 100 Air Miles on a yearly subscription ($89.99).

It’s a shame the five episode Loki series is only coming out in May 2021. I would have definitely kept my subscription going if it had been released in January or February. But I already have most of the films I would watch on Disney + and Starz on Blu-Ray, although the 4k UHD upgrade would be nice.

The original Star Wars film series looks great. But I don’t know if it’s worth $12 per month. I guess i’ll know in a month…

I’ll post an update then.