I’ve decided to try Disney + again, mainly to binge watch The Mandalorian and to see how they’ve improved in regards to the Classic cartoon shorts.

They’ve added a few of the latter but it appears they are taking their time up converting their most popular shorts to HD, unless i’ve missed a menu option; I’m still going through what’s available on the site.

A significant amount of content will be added to the service in February 2021, from Disney TV, 20th Century Fox and the FX Channel. But unfortunately the monthly subscription fee will go up to $11.99 so i’d advise new users to use the Air Miles Shops offer before December 31st, 2020. They get a bonus 100 Air Miles on a yearly subscription ($89.99).

It’s a shame the five episode Loki series is only coming out in May 2021. I would have definitely kept my subscription going if it had been released in January or February. But I already have most of the films I would watch on Disney + and Starz on Blu-Ray, although the 4k UHD upgrade would be nice.

The original Star Wars film series looks great. But I don’t know if it’s worth $12 per month. I guess i’ll know in a month…

I’ll post an update then.