Prime Day has started and the competition is heating up at Canadian Tire, Best Buy Canada, Microsoft Canada, Newegg Canada and The Source for electronics and home appliances:

  • Canadian Tire is offering $30 worth of Triangle points on pre-tax purchases of $200 today (07/12), with reductions on various appliances, tools and equipment. There isn’t many offers when it comes to home entertainment but thought i’d mention them anyway.
  • On the other hand Best Buy Canada and Newegg Canada are offering big discounts on home entertainment and appliances, so it may be worth your while to shop around.
  • The Source has a good selection so if you can find something cheeper there you should know that they’re offering $20 discounts on $150 purchases. And Microsoft Canadaicon has decided to lower their prices on their ASUS and Levono laptops, as well as their Surfaceicon line of tablets, laptops, etc.
  • And cash back is available from Rakuten on most purchases at all of the above mentioned stores and others, as well as a $30 bonus if you’re a new user.

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